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Will it work for me

Electric propulsion is an ideal way to push a sailboat.  It may also be appropriate for some trawler displacement boats:

  • Ideal for day sailing - less than 4hrs motoring.
  • Good for coastal cruising when combined with ranger extending portable generator.
  • Ideal for long range cruiser when combined with solar and marine generator.

Why Electric Yacht


  • Anodized aluminum frame dissipates heat and thrust management is a compact package.
  • Weatherproof throttle control and key switch 
  • Digital display provides feedback on motor operation and battery state of charge (SOC)
  • 14 gearing ratios for max performance with tooth timing belt 
  • Includes shaft coupler, power switch, Class-T fuse, fuse holder and relay  complete the package. Add batteries and charger to complete system
  • Three year  warranty and superior support from design to commissioning 

Plug-n-Play System vs DIY  

  • DIY kits are a box of parts.  Not assembled and tested with limited warranty.
  • Electric Yacht systems are complete: add batteries, charger, and cables 
  • Compare to the competition…we think you will agree an Electric  Yacht QuietTorque™ electric propulsion motor provides the best value  available today


Diesel “Equivalency”

Electric propulsion is very defined as it has a flat torque curve (torque is rotational power).  when comparing electric to diesel electric is superior at slow to medium and equal to diesel at higher RPMs.

Rating Systems - HP vs KW

746 watts = 1 hp

Diesel engines (BHP) is 10% to 20%.over-stated for marine engines at the propeller (PHP)

The Propulsion Curve

The power required to push a displacement hull with a waterline  length of 25’ – 40’ will increase 1.5- 2 times for each knot of speed. 

Maneuvering Thrust

Electric propulsion maneuvering is superior  performance to gas or diesel.engine of higher rating. Electric propulsion with controlled power from 0 RPM to full RPM, makes for superior maneuvering  performance. 

Instant power, no warm up and quiet operation of an  electric motor make for superior overall performance.  

FAQ - There is only one question! Will Electric Propulsion work for me?

Not for all.

The typical electric boat will have the same range as if they left the dock with about 1.5 to 2 gallons of fuel.  If you sailed 20 times and used less than 20gallons of fuel - it great.  If you sailed 20 times and used 200 gallons of fuel, buy a powerboat.

Electric propulsion will give the sailor another tool to use when sailing.  Add a little power and you can sail faster and point higher.Not for all.

In the marina and around the dock much safer - ultra speed control - forward to reverse and back - quiet to talk to the crew and those on the dock - quiet to help setting an anchor.

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