Two new systems from Electric Yacht: QuietTorque 30.0LC and QuietTorque 60.0LC

Electric Yacht Pacific

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Catalina 320, Olson 40,  C&V 36 Downeaster

New boat construction

Clean green Quiet systems for your boat


Custom built, tested, with warranty shiped to you or your mechanic to install.

  • 9 Electric Yacht systems 2.5kW to 60kW
  • 4 Thoosa systems 5.5kW to 12kW
  • Batteries (Lead acid and Lithium)
  • Chargers QuickCharge, Delta Q TSM

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Systems engineered for your boat

True engineered built and tested systems

  • Boats from 2500lbs to 50000lbs
  • Warranted quality marine systems
  • With over 400 installations 
  • Over West Coast 160 installations 

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Tell us about your boat

Custom computer propulsion model

  • Make and model of your boat
  • Length over all
  • Length of Waterline
  • Beam
  • Displacememt
  • current motor
  • Where you sail

Tell us about your boat

New Product - QuietTorque 30.0 LC Shaft or Saildrive

 QuietTorque 30.0LC  from Electric Yacht

  • 30kW power  (25.5kW continuous)
  • Equal power to about an 55hp diesel
  • 170lbs - Aluminum and Stainless steel (saildrive about 210lbs)
  • Dual PMAC power heads
  • All electronic control
  • Liquid Cooled
  • three year warrant1

Pacific Boat Show

New Product - QuietTorque 10.0 Sport

QuietTorque 10.0 Sport from Electric Yacht

  • 10kW power  (8.8kW continuous)
  • Equal power to about an 18hp diesel
  • 45lbs - Aluminum and Stainless steel
  • PMAC power head
  • All electronic control
  • Air Cooled
  • three year warrant1

Quiet Torque 10.0 Sport

Conversion Stories

Read what some of our 400 clients have to say about their conversions.  Check out our boat conversion list - Find you boat!

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Why Electric? Who is Electric Yacht Pacific?


Electric Propulsion is the ideal replacement system for day sailor, racer, or cruiser

  • Affordable systems from 2.5kW (performs like a 3hp) to 60kW (performs like a 90hp diesel).  
  • A system sized to support every boat.
  • Ideal for daysailing - always ready to sail
  • Matching power for coastal cruising
  • Able to meet the needs of the ocean crossing cruiser

Hinckley Bermuda 41 - QT20.0 - Ventura CA


Electric Marine Propulsion is all we do

  • Electric Yacht Pacific is the new address for Electric Yachts of Southern California.
  • Electric Yacht Pacific has over 140 systems conversions from Alaska to California to Hawaii
  • Providing the finest affordable electric propulsion systems
  • Complete systems engineered, built , tested and ready to install

Custom Vintage 18ft wooden runabout - QT5.0 - Newport Beach CA


Check out our systems and tell us about your boat


We  will provide you with a detailed analysis of your boat with speed and  power and range data.  You will know what to expect when you go  Clean! Green! and Quiet!  Talk to or meet many of our satisfied clients

Ingrid 38 - QT20.0 - British Columbia Canada

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Boat Make and Model (if custom: LOA, LWL, Beam, Displacement)

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We are on line daily

We are available to discuss electric propulsion for your boat: providing detail computer propulsion models to help you understand your options.

Electric Yacht Pacific

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The more we know about your sailing and cruising plans, the better we can serve you.  You will receive a complete detailed analysis of your boat with speed, power, and range data in an easy to understand and evaluate format.